Belkin Wifi Range Extender Examined

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In our world today, having a number of computers used for fast transactions is imperative for companies and other businesses. These computers must be cooperative with each other thus a network is applied so the computers are connected with each other. Having the network connected with wires may prove to be cumbersome since the Ethernet cables can be a hazard to the workplace and can be also costly.

A wireless network may alleviate these network problems. It requires only a wireless router for the network instead of the endless numbers of Ethernet cables needed in a wired network. However, wireless routers only transmit its signal in a limited distance and may not reach some hard-to-reach spots. Other factors can also interfere with the signal like the atmosphere and other wireless technology thus creating dead spots.

The solution to this dilemma is to acquire a wifi range extender. A wifi range extender offers an easy way to increase the effective coverage of a router. With the wireless range extender, the coverage of the network signal of networking devices is increased. The Belkin wifi range extender amplifies the coverage of an existing wireless network by retransmitting an 802.11 b/g signal across a wider coverage area. The Belkin wifi range extender relays the signals of a wireless network and extends its range. It enables the computers to share files quickly and consistently and if a modem is used, it broadcasts broadband access to the internet across the network of computers.

The Belkin wifi range extender is user-friendly since it is designed with an easy setup operation that can be done with only a push of a button. It works with almost all operating sytems like Windows 98 up to XP and even Macintosh computers. It can also be used on a wired network. If used in access-point mode and connected to a wired router, the Belkin wifi range extender appends a wireless capability to an existing wired network. This allows you to expand Internet access throughout the coverage area without running those bulky Ethernet cables between the computers.

Wifi range extenders do not need to be connected to the network by a cable. The wifi range extender is required to be placed within the range of the wireless router then it receives the signals and amplifies the signals out to the computers and other remote wireless devices.

Using the wifi range extender approach eliminates the wiring costs and helps build an effective wireless network by driving signals into distant, reflective or hard-to-reach areas and other dead spots where installing cables may be impractical. The wifi range extender is perfect for covering large areas like multi-storey houses, warehouses, public spaces, outdoor venues and even those so-called wireless hot spots.

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