The DLink Wifi Range Extender

Fundamental Points about the DLink Wifi Range Extender

With Wifi access becoming more common nowadays, you will certainly be able to hook up to the internet without having the trouble of linking your PC to routers with cables.  With Wifi, you only have to make sure that you are within range of the router’s wireless transmitter.  However, the problem lies exactly in the fact that you should be within range.  If you are a few yards away from the signal’s reach you may not be able to access the internet at all. Oftentimes, being near the limit already gives you a much weaker signal.  In order to overcome such situation, your PC or laptop will need a Wifi range extender.

However, you also need to choose Wifi range extenders with good quality.  Otherwise, you may just spend money on something that works way below your expectation.  One of the most durable and effective is that which is made by DLink.  This company is one the earliest manufacturers of wireless networking equipment.  It did not become renowned just for being one of the first to develop wireless technology in local area networking though.  It made a name because of the effectiveness of its products, including its Wifi range extenders.  In fact, many offices with Wifi LAN usually use DLink.

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The DLink Wifi range extender is a good booster for the capabilities of your router.  Once it is attached to the router, this device can work to improve the transfer rates and at the same time considerably increases the range of the wireless local area network.  This rang extender can hasten data transfer to a maximum speed of 54 MB per second.  Of course, this speed can be achieved only in ideal conditions, which means that there are no physical obstacles and weather disturbance that can negatively affect the transmission.  Nevertheless, in worse conditions, the DLink Wifi range extender may not achieve the maximum data transfer rate but you can expect it to work within acceptable standards still.

Another positive feature you can get from the Wifi range extender by DLink is the security of your connection to the router and the protection of the entire LAN from hackers from outside.  This range extender has a 128-bit WEP encryption, a protective measure that is relatively difficult enough to break.  Aside from this, it also has a Wifi Protected Access or WPA and a system for user verification.  With these systems, you can be assured that the data transferred and processed within your network is well-secured from unauthorized individuals.  The degree of security will not allow intrusion from individuals outside your LAN.  Because of these features, the DLink Wifi range extender is quite a hit among offices and homes.

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