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Malaysia’s TM ltd (Telekom Malaysia), initially referred to as TM Bhd, has developed the TM net which can be its group of internet services. This provider was established around 1995 and contains been the topmost isp inside the whole of Malaysia. Streamyx can be another broadband service which can be supplied by its parent company- TM net. Streamyx was launched in April 2001 and was providing broadband service at the speed of 384kbps. But later on the service kept improving along with a 4Mbps service was launched under the Streamyx brand in June 2007.

The service supplied by Streamyx has been constantly improving making Streamyx essentially the most sought broadband vendor in Malaysia. Streamyx includes a wide range of telecommunication goods and service centers to deliver assist with their potential customers who’re inside the range of thousands. here are several of the finest features about Streamyx.

Cost Effective

The key reason for Streamyx being your best option for the people is it is incredibly affordable and anyone can afford to have Streamyx like a broadband service. The cost of the connection influences range of RM100 (US $31.51) to RM150 (US $47.26) a month which can be actually very low in comparison to other providers. This includes the connection fees too and it is all really worth the money you have to pay.

The Streamyx packages add a Streamyx combo that you get online sites and also several schemes on the TM landline. The Streamyx packages for broadband connection come with a free Zone ID along with a Wi-Fi modem. Another benefit from Streamyx is it also gives you perks on landline decided upon TM net. The letter rates a slashed and calls with other TM net numbers have the freedom.

Greater Speed

Many isps guarantee good speed to the broadband connection but often fail to fulfill it. Speed in internet is incredibly essential to do simple work. Streamyx gives you that. It’s got the most effective combinations and subscriptions possible inside the range of 1mbps, 2mbps and 4mbps. Using this speed get ready to experience an incredibly smooth and uninterrupted connection to the internet.

Wide Coverage

TM net has offered the most effective broadband connection through Streamyx as you possibly can activated in different section of Malaysia, in case you have a TM net landline. Also Streamyx offers wi-fi services too. This means a much better range along with a faster speed for the broadband connection.

Streamyx Speedometer

TM net permits you to look at the speed of your Streamyx connection to the internet with the Streamyx speedometer. Although you may use a dial-up modem or a digital subscriber line (DSL), you can attempt the velocity from the package you have chosen with Streamyx speedometer.

Having its amazing services presented to the customers through service centers, timely updates and improvements, Streamyx provides its users an uninterrupted browsing experience, that makes Streamyx essentially the most favorite broadband vendor in Malaysia. Even though no major improvements were manufactured in the final version that has been released in 2007, the manufacturer Streamyx remains to be as famous because it was then. Though a few other broadband providers experimented with reach upto the degree of Streamyx, they didn’t achieve this making Streamyx undoubtedly the most effective isp in Malaysia.


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