Android Phone Made from Bamboo Weighs Half the Weight of iPhone

This Android based smartphone originated from the brains of a Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, who manufactured a single phone frame out of organically grown bamboo. The bamboo is durable as well as sustainable and the entire device weighs abouthalf the weight of an iPhone!

This phone looks amazing with a shinny wood-like finish and also serves great function as its extremely light weight, actually significantly lighter than all current smart phones. Its also not made from metal or plastic like most other phones which makes it eco-friendly. I think bamboo would be a great resource for a housing for many electronic devices.

What was first a simple idea is turning into a dream for this college student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse (right-side of photo below) as he was contacted by an tech entrepreneur and the phone is now going into production under the name “ADzero”.

The ADzero android bamboo phone is expected to start manufacturing in China and will become available in the U.K. in various fashion or design related retailers and later in other parts of the world.

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