How To Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive… For Real

Here’s how to automatically backup your hard drive, for real. None of this popping in a CD/DVD or flash drive to backup your files and storing them away in a closet, and if you’re doing that I suggest you quit now!

What you should really do is set up a secure external backup source and have all your files automatically backed up, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data or backing up your files.

And if you don’t know by now, I don’t like downloading software just to do things that I could do without software just as easily. Keep reading to learn how to automatically backup your hard drive right now without spending a dime.

You ready?

How To Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive

The easiest way to automatically backup your hard drive without using software is to take advantage of the Backup Utility. Backing up your files automatically is extremely easy in Windows 7. Just launch the backup utility by searching for “Backup” in the start menu or the control panel and click your way through the wizard.

If the backup utility in your version of Windows does not include the ability to schedule the backup sessions which is important, you can use the Scheduled Tasks Wizard to add the backup utility to run on a set schedule, however, the tool will require user input every time its launched.

You’ll need to identify an external backup source for the backup tool to automatically transfer your files on. Here’s your external backup source options:

An External Hard Drive
Another partition on your hard drive (click here to learn how to partition a hard drive).
I don’t recommend DVDs or CDs because the space is very limited and does not provide a reliable backup medium.
The “Cloud” – You can backup your hard drive to a secured location on the internet through various services. For this, I would recommend additional software like Norton 360 that can automatically backup your hard drive to a secured location in the “cloud”. Norton has one of the most advanced online backup utilities that I highly recommend and will store all your files on the internet that you can secure with a username and password.
The best external backup sources in my opinion would be an external hard drive and the “Cloud.” Both are extremely reliable backup locations and can handle large amounts of data. My personal favorite backup location is a separate partition right on the hard drive that is already in your computer. This way you can easily format

By splitting your hard drive into multiple partitions, you are essentially creating completely separate storage locations in one hard drive. If anything happens to your computer you can easily erase the data on the system partition which was only used to install Windows, and then reinstall Windows on the same partition while all your files are safe on another partition on the hard drive.

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