How To Clean Up Your Computer So It Runs Faster

Hey… You are reading this most likely because you are frustrated with your slow computer and want to learn how to clean up your computer so it runs faster without using any software and without spending any money. And your thinking to yourself, is this even possible? Yes. Its very possible, and as long as you keep reading you will learn how to clean up your computer so it runs faster within minutes!

Most people who encounter slow computer problems don’t realize just how easy it can be with the right knowledge to get your computer running smoothly again and all without spending a dime. And if your in any way doubting your technical ability or think you may be slight computer alliterate, don’t worry this guide is easy to follow!

Before you go running off to the geek squad or Best Buy to buy software, try spending some time to learn about what you can do to clean up your computer so it runs faster, way faster.

The following steps will get rid of all the junk and miscellaneous stuff hidden in your computer which may be significantly slowing down the daily computing operations down under the hood.

Step 1: System Configuration Utility
Launch the Start Menu and click on [Run…] or use the keyboard short-cut [Windows Key + R]. Type in ‘msconfig’ to launch the System Configuration Utility window and then click on the [Startup] tab at the top.

In this window is a list of all the programs and services that start as soon as your desktop screen begins to load. If you have tons of items checked on this list and you don’t know what half them are, chances are your computer isn’t booting up and running as fast as it could be, and you may just be wasting valuable CPU memory and speed.

What To Do
Deselect programs and services (as long as you know what it is) that you may not want starting up with your computer. Keep in mind that deselecting a program or service does not remove it from your computer, it simply stops it from launching when your computer is first starting up.

Result: By taking control over which services and/or programs are allowed to start up with your computer, you can significantly decrease the time it takes your computer to start up or restart. Usually you have to wait for a PC to finish loading all the services and programs before you can use your computer at its maximum speed, so if you can limit the number of services and programs required to start up with your computer your almost guaranteed a significant boost in speed.

Step 2: Free Up Disk Space
If your computer is running low on disk space you should take action to free up some space immediately. Many people just get stuck at this point because they are scared to delete files or programs they may need later in life, but even if you don’t want to remove programs or files you use you can still free up enough space to speed up your PC.

This free tool inside of every version of Windows, which is called Disk Cleanup, will delete only temporary and miscellaneous files that could free up many gigabytes of space on your computer such as temporary internet files, deleted files and miscellaneous unneeded temporary program files.

To access this tool, you can navigate to Accessories >System Tools >Disk Cleanup within the Start menu or you can search for Disk Cleanup in the Start menu (Windows Vista or later only).

As you can see in the image above, disk cleanup can free up a total of 2.95 GB on my computer which makes it a very useful tool to quickly squeeze out some extra gigabytes from files you probably don’t need/use.

Step 3: Run Disk Defragmenter
Hard disks store data onto different rings divided into different sectors each storing a respectable amount of data. The Disk Defragmenter moves all your data on the hard disk into sectors and rings that are closet to each other. When data is scattered throughout a hard disk in many different sectors, it takes the arm longer to reach the different sectors causing slow performance when trying to load data from the hard disk.

I recommend setting the Disk Defragmenter to run on a schedule of at least once a month or every other week. When setting up a schedule, choose a time when your sure your not going to be on your computer so the Disk Defragmenter can run without disrupting you.

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

If you’re dealing with a slow internet connection there’s only so much you can do. Most of yourinternet’s speed will involve the plan you have with your internet service provider, and how much bandwidth your allowed a month.

Here’s 5 effective ways I’ve gathered on how to speed up your internet connection:

Upgrade Your Browser (1)

If you’re using IE (Internet Explorer), I suggest keeping it and installing another, faster browser to go along with it such as Firefox, Chrome,Safari, or Opera. A lot of times IE may cause some problems such as slow loading times or errors while attempting to load scripts, so its a good idea having another browser handy. IE also tends to run a tad bit slower than Firefox, and Chrome.

No matter what browser you stick with, you should always make sure you have the latest version. If the browser asks you to update it, do it! Browser updates come with security and performance updates that will help guard your PC from malicious attacks and increase internetspeed.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan (2)

Try calling your internet service provider and ask them if you are receiving the maximum bandwidth and/or speed specifications allowed. Chances are you aren’t, and you can speed up your internet by simply asking them to give you the optimal speed.

Reset Your Home Network Router (3)

If you’re connecting to your home network via a router, simply unplugging it for a couple seconds and plugging it back in will reset the connection and may speed things up a bit. Sometimes the router gets too cluttered or heated, and simply needs a reset to clear things out and give it a breather.

When the internet is running slow at home the first thing I’ll do is reset the router. You can reset the cable modem as well for optimal results, but keep in mind the cable modem will take longer to reboot.

To reset a device, unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Some devices also come with a reset button that you can hold down (usually with a push pin) which will reset the connection and ALL SETTINGS including the security password you may have set for your home network.

Secure Your Home Network (4)

If you live in a neighborhood, city, or anywhere where families are located, there’s internet all around you. Not everyone has it though, and some people are desperate enough to drive around with a laptop in their hand looking for the one house that has an unsecured internetconnection. Trust me, don’t be that one house. If someone else, or multiple devices are connected to your home network, you will have to share your internet connection which can slow things down significantly.

You can easily secure your internet connection by accessing your routers settings page. Most users should be able to see this page by typing ““, “” or “” into the address bar of a web browser. Then, look for security or encryption links to create a password for your home network.

Upgrade Your Router and/or Cable Modem (5)

If your internet service provided you with a cable modem and its at least a year old, it may be outdated. Call your internet provider and ask them if your have the latest modem and if not, they should send you a new one free of charge. You can also upgrade your router to increase the signal strength so you can connect to your network from farther away and have fast internet.

Use an Ethernet Cable (Wired Connection) – I know I said 5 tips, but oh well. Here’s one more. If you are in close distance to your router and have an Ethernet cable handy, you will get a much faster connection by avoiding wireless and plugging on end of the Ethernet cable in your computer, and the other end into the back of the router.

5 Tips to Keep You Safe While Browsing the Web

You really have to be careful on the internet, especially if you browse a vast majority of sites and blogs, and tend to download anything that catches your eye.

Let’s not forget, “www” stands for the Word Wide Web, and just like there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the real world, there’s just as much crazy stuff going on the cyber world. People will try to steal your identity online, access your personal files, and there’s plenty of hackers who can take control of your computer from miles away.

It’s important to take note of sites and resources that you can trust, because any site you visit or program you download can contain malicious malware that will slow down your PC.

I remember my computer was once infected with a virus that installed a “fake” security app that let me know every 5 minutes or so that my computer was infected with a virus, and I needed to scan or install this software, which turned out to be an undercover virus itself. Who knew?

Here are some great tips to help you safely use your PC and avoid malicious internet attacks and viruses.

Only Download Software from A Trusted Resource (1)

I’m fine with with the torrent community, but, really? Can you expect an underground source of illegal, pirated content to always be 100% safe, and legit? I would hope so, but that’s just not the case. There’s always going to be that one hot head that will disguise a malicious virus as a torrent, and if you happen to download it your computers fate relies on the level of security you have protecting your computer. If you download torrents make sure you sort the downloads by “seeds” and browse through the comments for a particular torrent to get a good feel for the feedback before downloading a torrent file.

DOWNLOAD.COM is the safest resource to download programs and utilies from, and is a part of CNET, which scans each program to ensure it is 100% spyware free and is a very trusted resource for program reviews and downloads. If you need basic programs like a file converter, media player, editing software, security software, and just about anything else, is your safest resource and is all I use for my basic software needs. To be safe, before you download a program from an another source, I strongly recommend first searching on for your program to see if its available.

Use Google Page Rank to Check Authority (2)

A great way to measure the authority of a certain website or blog is to identify its Google page rank. This is a scale from 1-10 that Google uses to measure the authority of a website or blog, and lets you know how well you can trust its content.

This is not to say that a site or blog with a low page rank or page rank of zero should not be trusted or avoided, but simply the higher the page rank the more likely you can rely upon and trust the site or blog. For example, the New York Times has a page rank of 9 and DOWNLOAD.COM has a page rank of 8.

Note: Keep in mind that the page rank for a certain page on a blog or site, may rank lower than the page rank of the homepage. Always check the home page page rank first to identify the page rank for the resource.

The easiest way to see the page rank of any site as you as you visit it is to download a Google Page Rank extension for your web browser, or use the Google toolbar on IE, Firefox, and other browsers (will not work with Chrome). This will display the page rank of the web page you are on at the time in the toolbar at the top.

Here are links where to download a Google page rank extension or Google toolbar for your browser:

  • Download the Google Toolbar. To add the page rank button to the toolbar, right-click on the toolbar, click on “Enable more buttons” and select “PageRank” in the list.
  • Download PageRank Google Chrome Extension.
  • Download PageRank Firefox Extension.

Never Open Email Attachments from Unknown Senders (3)

Opening an email attachment from somebody you don’t know is essentially a death wish for your computer. Never, ever, even think about opening an email attachment from an unknown sender, no matter what the email says. This is a common way for hackers and identity thefts to reach vulnerable computers and people. Don’t be one of them.

Download A Security Program (4)

I’ve found over the years that if you use your computer frequently, a security program is absolutely essential. Even if you’re only a causal user, I still think its necessary. Just imagine this for a second. Someone manages to install a keylogger on your computer without you knowing, and now has access to every single password you type with your keyboard. Your email, social networks and bank accounts are now at the hands of a complete stranger without your knowledge.

I have always used Norton products, which I think is the most reliable computer security company there is. They strive for a simple interface and as much of a “hands-off” experience as possible, which appeals to me. Norton 360 is a complete computer security app that can even automate running system tasks to speed up your PC and optimize system performance. Among other Nortonsecurity products are Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security.

If you’d rather not spend any money, Microsoft offers a suitable security solution, Microsoft Security Essentials, which can help to guard your PC from malware and internet threats. You can also search for a popular free anti-virus software such as ”

Update your browser (5)

Do yourself a favor and make sure you’re using the latest and greatest version of your web browser. For the best security and performance, its best to update your browser whenever a message pops up. Here’s a great site,, which will direct you to the official download page for the latest versions of all the top browsers.

How To Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive… For Real

Here’s how to automatically backup your hard drive, for real. None of this popping in a CD/DVD or flash drive to backup your files and storing them away in a closet, and if you’re doing that I suggest you quit now!

What you should really do is set up a secure external backup source and have all your files automatically backed up, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data or backing up your files.

And if you don’t know by now, I don’t like downloading software just to do things that I could do without software just as easily. Keep reading to learn how to automatically backup your hard drive right now without spending a dime.

You ready?

How To Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive

The easiest way to automatically backup your hard drive without using software is to take advantage of the Backup Utility. Backing up your files automatically is extremely easy in Windows 7. Just launch the backup utility by searching for “Backup” in the start menu or the control panel and click your way through the wizard.

If the backup utility in your version of Windows does not include the ability to schedule the backup sessions which is important, you can use the Scheduled Tasks Wizard to add the backup utility to run on a set schedule, however, the tool will require user input every time its launched.

You’ll need to identify an external backup source for the backup tool to automatically transfer your files on. Here’s your external backup source options:

An External Hard Drive
Another partition on your hard drive (click here to learn how to partition a hard drive).
I don’t recommend DVDs or CDs because the space is very limited and does not provide a reliable backup medium.
The “Cloud” – You can backup your hard drive to a secured location on the internet through various services. For this, I would recommend additional software like Norton 360 that can automatically backup your hard drive to a secured location in the “cloud”. Norton has one of the most advanced online backup utilities that I highly recommend and will store all your files on the internet that you can secure with a username and password.
The best external backup sources in my opinion would be an external hard drive and the “Cloud.” Both are extremely reliable backup locations and can handle large amounts of data. My personal favorite backup location is a separate partition right on the hard drive that is already in your computer. This way you can easily format

By splitting your hard drive into multiple partitions, you are essentially creating completely separate storage locations in one hard drive. If anything happens to your computer you can easily erase the data on the system partition which was only used to install Windows, and then reinstall Windows on the same partition while all your files are safe on another partition on the hard drive.

Advantages Of Buying Second-hand Pcs

Second-hand Pcs page

Laptops have become essential these days. Due to its mobility, many people utilize laptop computers for obtaining their personal computer needs done. Though the laptop computers used to be expensive, current advancements in computer hardware manufacturing have given the personal computer producers the chance to create laptop computers at a low cost.

Though this can be the case, at times we may not have the ability to afford the cheapest laptop computer though they’re priced low. Sometimes, we wouldn’t wish to invest much cash for the laptop as the designated work done from the laptop is maybe of low value. Due to one of these reasons, you could have decided to acquire a used laptop. With regards to the pricing, the used laptops are substantially more affordable compared towards the new laptop computers. Though the used laptop computers are defect prone, the lower price could motivate people to get them with potential risks. The majority of the occasions, old second-hand laptop computers can be purchased at 25% of the original price with the machine it had when it was very first released to the market.

With regards to purchasing used laptop computers, there are a couple of issues which you must think about. First of all, purchasing reconditioned usedlaptop computers can be a great bargain for you. With regards to refurbished laptop computers, usually the substandard or worn-off parts are replaced with brand new or refurbished parts. Consequently, none of the components with the used laptop do not have malfunctioning parts. Consequently, you do not need to worry about purchasing such used laptop computers from a certified or well-respected laptop seller.

There are lots of places for you to get used laptops. Among the greatest places to get used laptop computers may be the street. The street has the majority of the greatest used laptop computers for a cheaper price. Once you get into one of these street shops, you are in a position to pick used pcs from a variety of laptop brands. Since you’ll be able to inspect the device you acquire by going into a used laptop shop, the threat of obtaining a defective laptop is less.

Large Quantity of WOW Gold Earning in One Day


As we all know that the main virtual currency in World of Warcraft is World of Warcraft gold. All the players try their best to earn as much gold as they can in the game, as gold is extremely essential when they need to buy items, weapon, equipments, and so on. What’s more, players can use free WOW gold to get the craft items from other players with the trade skill, and they can also hire other players as a mercenary to help them complete a quest faster. If players want to make gold fast in the game, they can do a combination of the things to get it.

Return to your base camp to turn in all of your quests, claim the rewards, and market any junk items you have in your bag to a vendor for an extra bit of gold. You can tell if an item is junk since it will be gray. Help save any items that one could use together with your crafting professions or anything that you think other players might want.

Players will usually want to purchase green items, but if you have any blue or purple items, you can always market them for a good quantity of gold, since they are uncommon and very useful.

Go to one of the principle cities and put up all of your useful items in the auction house. You can usually earn a lot more money from non-junk items when you market them to other players rather than a vendor. Your key in a starting bid and a buyout bid if you would like. You also choose how long your auction will last; you can choose from 12-, 24- and 48-hour durations.

Once the auction ends, the player with the highest bid will get the item, and you also receive the gold in the mail. The auction home will also carry a small cut away from your profits, but the amount is negligible when in comparison with your profits.

Ways to Make Rift Plat with Professions

Make Rift Plat page

Picking a certain profession is determined by what useful items you want to add to your character. Making tons of Rift plat is a superb way to use your profession. Be sure that you study our Xerxes Guide Review to help you to do power leveling.

Gathering professions are always superb money makers. You gather products constantly for platinum in Rift, and you must gather more to improve your crafting skills. Sell all the leftovers you can hold in the auction house. It granted that there is a huge demand for raw ore, wood, and plants. There is plenty of Platinum for being designed this way.

I recommend that you pick 1 crafting profession that goes with 1 or even two of your gathering professions. Here’re some beneficial profession choices.

For Warriors: Weaponsmithing and Mining
For Mages: Artificing, Foraging, and Mining
For Clerics: Armorsmithing, Artificing and Mining
For Rogues: Outfitting and Butchering or Weaponsmithing and Mining

I think the best professions for making Platinum and gold are Artificing, Apothecary and Runecrafting, because they craft items, which may be used by all the callings. It gives you the greatest demand, and you will almost always possess the ability to sell the items.

The game is obviously incredibly new, but I’m expecting Runecrafting in order to be the best trade skill for making Platinum. It is an incredible profession to have because you needn’t pick a gathering profession to go along with it granted that all products are obtained by demolishing other items. Most items you will sell to vendors, but later you will likely possess the ability to make big quantities of Platinum as the demand goes up. For more information have a look at our Rift Leveling Guide.

For example, you possess a Warrior on Mining, Runecrafting and Weaponsmithing. You can gather all the products needed for crafting weapons with Mining, and you can possibly sell crafted items inside the auction house, or use Runebreaking skill to obtain shards for Runecrafting. Those people shards and runes always sell well, which means you will possess a way to dump added items you don’t need or aren’t in a placement to sell, and earn Platinum for Rift this way.

WOW Gold Transferring

WOW Gold Transferring page

In the popular MMORPG World Of Warcraft, players are able to create characters to have fun. As a result, player will want to transfer World of Warcraft gold from one to another, with less equipped characters to gain gold from the wealthier characters. However, it is not that easy as it sounds. If players want to get gold from the other characters, it takes time and planning as well.

Talk to a friend who has a World Of Warcraft character in the same server. He should also be on the identical server as you, if possible, and he must be a person worth believing,or he may run off together with your gold.

Ask your friend to log onto World Of Warcraft and vacation among the auction houses within the game world. Any time the shift entails characters from different factions, he must go to a neutral auction house, which may be discovered in Booty Bay, Everlook, and the Tanaris Desert.

Log yourself on, using the character that has the gold you wish to transfer. Make certain both you as well as your friends are logged onto the game at the identical time.

Ask your friend to place a useless item up in the auction and have him set the price for the quantity of gold you need like a buyout bid. Make certain you know precisely which item it is and how it’s spelled (you’ll need to locate it with the auction house). Neutral auction houses demand a 15 % surcharge, so WOW account need to pay the buyout price including that.

Type the name of the useless item into the auction house’s search engine, then instantly pay the buyout cost on the auction. You’ll receive the useless item as well as your friend will receive the gold.

Tell your friend to locate the nearest mailbox and place the gold in a letter addressed towards your character who requires the gold. It’s the simplest solution to proceed with the gold to that character.

Log off on your initial character (who had the gold) and log on together with your new character (who requires the gold). Locate the nearest mailbox and click on it, then a glimpse for any letter out of your friend’s character. Any time you open it, the gold will instantly be added to your account.

How You Can Really Make Some Money Using The Internet

Anyone can make money online nowadays, if you know enough about internet marketing. Listed here are some of the best ways to start making money online.

Make Money page

Content Royalties

Sites like Squidoo and Hubpages pay out royalties for content. These sites allow you to place your affiliate IDs for Google Adsense and Amazon on every post that you create. You can simply open accounts with Google Adsense and Amazon to start earning. The more popular your posts are, the more royalties you can earn.

Affiliate Internet Marketing

There are MLMs that made referral methods less popular. But this effective marketing technique is very much effective online. No, there is no initial outlay of cash. You just need to join a program that will continue to earn you cash as soon as you start promoting them. Many companies out on the web have affiliate options like and clickbank.

How is earning possible through affiliate marketing? Find the merchant partners you want to promote inside an affiliate system. You will have a special link that you can set up in your internet content. When a buyer purchases goods through your link, you earn.

If the forum admin allows, you can use the link in your signature. Some people use social media to drive traffic to their affiliate link. Affiliate marketing can be very competitive, but only because there is money to be had.

Posting Ads on Your Website

To make use of this method, you need a site. A simple blog on will do. Some people opt to have their own domain name then get hosting from servers. A simple site is not that hard to put up. Just get a spot on a shared server and start writing.

The website needs to be on a topic that is relevant to you so that you can talk about that topic all the time. After you have your content going, you can place ad spaces all over your site. Companies like Google and Amazon have systems that let you copy and paste an advertisement code.

Here’s the website that will give you more details on:
Make Money Online
Make Money On Youtube

Review of Kalmar’s Rift Power Leveling Guide

Kalmar’s Rift Power page

The new RIFT feature from Trion is anticipated to be really good, and lots of individuals are already anticipating its release. For starters, it will surely be somewhat confusing, especially determining in which to go, the next things to do to have the ability to level in the character that you use. There is also a good quantity of methods to level up fast, and be positive to explore so you won’t miss anything really. Now Kalmar’s Rift fixture information is recognized becoming a straight forward and very understandable guide. You’ll have the ability to level up simpler and much quicker than others, and you’ll have the ability to brag about it too.

Kalmar’s Rift leveling guide aims to possess probably the most comprehensive and greatest guide in Power Leveling accessible now. Well, there isn’t any other Rift game guide as of now, but with guide competitors or none, Kalmar’s guide will greatly help you out.

This Rift game guide, composed and made with straightforward & step-by-step instructions, is significantly effortless to understand, and you can use this wherever you’ll be in the game. This will also show you the path you need to take in order to make an effort to do something, the quests you must be doing, persons you need to talk to, what and who you should kill, and items that you just will need. You’ll be able to level up faster than other people since you’ll be guided through Kalmar’s rift guide.

Rift game is also fantastic because leveling up can be achieved by accomplishing quests, and this may perhaps be a pretty brilliant strategy. Plenty of people love Rift since there are plenty of reasons why you’ll fall in love with it too.

Being able to know which quests to do and how to do may be a great strategy, and Kalmar’s Rift leveling guide will probably be a great reference for you. Don’t spend useless and countless hours. Rift guide will surely be of great use to you whether your own objective is to accomplish the top level quick, or just to play it without much confusion.